Synthetic Turf Management

The Leader in Sports Field Management for 25 years

Dol Turf Restoration Ltd. offers our exclusive Artificial Turf Maintenance Programs specifically designed to maximize the playing conditions of your turf as well as maintain the safety and cleanliness of your field without the use of harmful chemicals.

Deep Cleaning (Verti-top)

Recommended Once or Twice per season **

Our Verti-top machine refurbishes the turf infill with the use of a rotary brush that removes debris and the top layer of infill, then sifts the debris out in a unique vibratory shaker which redistributes the clean infill back on the field, leaving your field clear of debris and dangerous objects. Unit also fitted with custom designed lint removal system.

Deep Grooming (Laymor)

Recommended Once or Twice per season **

Our Laymor groomer combined with our specially trainer operators help balance and level the top layer of infill while also re- invigorating turf fibers so that your field looks and performs like new. Regular grading of the infill is critical to optimal performance & safety of your artificial turf.

Surface Grooming (GreensGroomer)

Recommended monthly**

One of the most important tasks in maintaining synthetic fields is maintaining the infill levels. Over time, the infill becomes compacted and requires brushing to loosen debris, level infill. Unit also has a spring tine rake to relieve compaction should a G-Max test indicate that this is required.

UV Disinfection (GreensZapr)

Recommended monthly**

Using the latest UV technology, we can sanitize your artificial turf by destroying the harmful germs and diseases inherent in sports turf surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals. This treatment is clean, effective and most importantly, re- assures your users that your surface is safe from potential health risks.

(NFL does not allow chemical disinfectants be used on their fields due to potential health risks & skin reactions).

Surface Cleaning (LitterKat)

Recommended monthly**

The litterKat is design to sweep and collect surface debris without displacing infill. Unit is also equipped with a vibratory sifting system to collect debris and separate infill thus allowing infill to return to the turf surface. Unit is also equipped with a 6 ft. magnetic bar to efficiently collect all ferrous metals such as bobby pins, screws, and nails.

*Frequency depends on field type, use, site, access and hours of use

Additional Infill

As Required

All synthetic turf surfaces require additional infill from time to time. Maintaining the proper infill depth is critical to the longevity of the turf system as low infill levels will cause premature wear and failure. We can obtain most any infill, install and professionally incorporate. Many of our clients elect to apply a couple of totes every year instead of a larger cost every 3-4 years

Artificial Turf Repairs

We can repair any trouble spots on your turf be it seams, inlays, logos or hot spots—fast—so that you can avoid costly shutdowns and liability. We only use the latest in hot-melt technology for our adhesives.

G-Max Testing

Recommended Annually

G-Max testing is done under the guidelines of ASTM 1936 and F355A and is a measurement of the shock attenuation performance of a sports surface. Regular annual testing allows facility operators to demonstrate a proactive approach to due diligence and safety. Most artificial turf suppliers require an annual G-Max test in order to maintain the validity of their surface warranty.

Free Review & Recommendations

Contact us today to discuss your artificial turf maintenance requirements. We will arrange a visit of your facility and provide a free - no obligation - detailed review and recommendations to get your turf performing and looking like new.

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