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Dol Turf Restoration Ltd. is a family-owned company located just minutes south of Barrie servicing most all of Ontario and is committed to providing the absolute best sports field and running track services available. We are a one-stop solution when it comes to natural or synthetic sports fields and running tracks. From Design/Build to Turf Restoration and everything in between.

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Shatter Tine, Sport Tine, Mechanical Core, Deep Tine, Aeravator, Linear


Fertilize your turf properly, and you'll be on your way to a healthy, dense stand of turf that maintains a deep green color and gives weeds a run for their money. Sports turf takes more physical punishment than any other turf surface. Often, there is little or no time for the facility to be closed for recovery and repair. Under such demanding conditions, aggressive fertility management is necessary to keep turf established.



Over-Seeding / Inter-Seeding

Triwave, Split Disc, Aeravator

Dethatching & Vacuum

Sports Turf Irrigation

Sports turf irrigation service and installation is a specialized discipline that residential/ commercial service providers are not accustomed to. We take the time to ensure all systems are safe, level and performing properly as designed.


Renovations & Construction

Complete services including earthworks, GPS grading, Field Construction/Reconstruction, Laser Grading (single, dual, and conical plains), Complete Ball diamond reconfigurations and transition removals.

Trails Maintenance

Services includes: Buffalo Power Blowing, Edging, Grading, and Resurfacing

Running Track Maintenance

Services Include; Edging, Grading, Debris Removal, Resurfacing, Rubberized Track Cleaning and Disinfecting

Synthetic Goal Areas

In most cases, with the volume of play on our fields, goals areas remain an problem and it really doesn’t matter how good your cultural program is. We have developed a method of installing synthetic turf in your natural field which will prevent the field safety issues resulting from worn goal areas. We can also install in other high traffic areas such as in front of players benches etc.


Blec Sandmaster - Sand Banding improves drainage, reduces compaction and aerates the soil. The "Sand Injector" creates a 1/2" sand channel 10" apart and up to 10" deep.


The Eco-Dresser will aerate the field using linear aeration and top-dress all in one very effective operation. This process cleverly utilizes the existing field root zone to top-dress the field.

Agronomically speaking....... “It doesn’t get any better!”


  • Economical and environment-friendly top dressing by using existing root zone Eliminates the potential of soil layering
  • Reduces issues associated with existing soil layers
  • Results in excellent seeding conditions
  • Intensive aeration
  • Improves drainage
  • Top-Dressing and Aeration all in one effective operation

Eliminates the need to import new materials

Fraze Mowing


Sand Capped Sports Fields

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