Once soil conditions, fertility and irrigation are taken care of, proper seeding is the key to a lush, durable playing field. At Dol Turf, we use the drill seed method to give excellent soil-to-seed contact and create an area for water to collect to help in the germination of beautiful, healthy grass.


In the last 15 years, the importance of overseeding relative to the health and vigour of sports fields has grown exponentially.  Considerable research has demonstrated that the demands on sports turf make overseeding a necessity-not a luxury.

The pounding, slicing, tearing and scraping of cleats rips even the best fields to shreds. Continual use means that few - if any - fields can be closed long enough for the existing turf to repair itself.  Overseeding is a crucial aspect of maintaining as much turf cover as possible, without the need to re-sod every year or two. 

Aspects of successful overseeding include:

  • Correct seed placement is vital if you want to maximize the value of this service. Good contact of seed with the soil is necessary to allow for any kind of meaningful seed germination.  Seeding units that place the seed in the soil at the proper depth are proven to produce the best results.
  • To achieve these results, we use a split disc slit seeder. Slit seeders make a slit in the soil, and a tube drops seed along the slit directly into the soil. A roller behind the disc presses the earth back down, producing a perfect environment for the seed to germinate and flourish. 
  • Timing is critical. Knowledge of turfgrasses, the demands on the field, the condition of the field, the budget, and knowing what Mother Nature is likely to do, are all key elements of successful overseeding.  Dol Turf’s know-how has been proven in the thousands of acres we overseed every year. 
  • Correct seed mixtures and rates will make or break an overseeding operation.  Put the wrong seed down, and your field could be in a world of hurt.  Too little seed is like dumping a pail of water on a forest fire, and too much seed is a waste of money.  We calibrate our equipment to match what should be put down.

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