No sports field can survive without an adequate supply of nutrients.  In fact, it is often the difference between a field that is mud and weeds, and one with a healthy stand of grass.

Sports turf takes more physical punishment than any other turf surface.  Often, there is little or no time for the facility to be closed for recovery and repair.  Under such demanding conditions, aggressive management is necessary to keep turf established.

Soil Testing

  • There just isn’t room for guessing what the nutrient requirements of your sports field might be – why?:
  • Quality fertilizer blended with the right nutrients is not cheap.  Therefore, you want to be certain that you are only paying for what your turf actually needs – no guessing.
  • Shortages of any of the 16 essential nutrients will mean substandard performance.  
  • Too much of any one nutrient can cause the soil chemistry to go haywire, resulting in nutrients being tied up or unavailable.
  • Soil testing will pay for itself each and every time. 

Dol Turf – let our experience work for you:

  • We fertilize several thousand acres of sports fields each year.  
  • We can custom blend to suit your field’s needs. 
  • Not only do we have the proper fertilizing equipment but we also have  trained operators to calibrate it correctly so that you can feel confident in a job done to precise specifications.

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