Top Dressing

Topdressing sports turf provides significant benefits:

  • Topdressing, when incorporated into a long term maintenance plan, can amend poorly drained or compacted soils. The root zone of many sports fields can be too high in clay and silt.  This causes a lack of essential air exchange, poor drainage (the number one killer of fields), and is hard on the athletes.  Working a sand or sand soil mix into the root zone will open up pore space and allow much better infiltration of water and exchange of gases.
  • Topdressing provides a seed bed for grass seed.  Overseeding is a critical component of proper sports field maintenance. Good seed/soil contact is essential for maximum germination and quicker establishment
  • Topdressing smoothes out ruts and low spots.  Minimizing trip hazards is more important than ever. Aggressive sports, such as soccer, rugby and football invariably cause holes that quickly become a risk for the athletes.  It also allows the grass to fill in faster, and at the right height. 
  • Topdressing is a proven thatch reducing method. On newly sodded fields, a thatch layer can quickly build, resulting in a host of problems for sports fields.  Topdressing provides a much better environment for soil microbes to feed and reduce or eliminate thatch. 

Dol Turf has the equipment to handle the job with professional results:

  • Time is money.  We have the largest fleet of topdressers in Ontario. That means that our productivity rate per acre is unbeatable, resulting in less downtime for your sports fields and adding up to a tremendous cost savings for your budget.
  • Even distribution.  We have topdressed more fields than anyone else. We have the know-how to ensure the material is applied evenly and at a rate that is optimal for the results you are looking for. 

Proper Mixes

  • Wrong materials can have devastating results.  Even a thin layer of a material that has smaller particle size than your existing sports field will cause a dramatic decrease in water infiltration and air exchange. 
  • Correct materials have just the opposite effect.  A large majority of sports fields in Ontario have soils that are less than ideal in physical structure.  Topdressing with the right mix will immediately begin working to improve that physical structure.  Regular topdressing can amend a pretty lousy root zone!

Good old fashioned know-how

  • Our combined experience exceeds 75 years.  We’ve fixed a lot of fields-more than anyone else, and our track record of providing results is second to none. 
  • We are not going to sell you something your sports field doesn’t need.  Integrity is a big part of why we’ve become Ontario’s leading sports turf specialists.  Our goal is simple: give you the best possible results for a price that works for you. 

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