Turf Grooming

Often overlooked for its role in maintaining a healthy turf, mowing or as we refer to it – grooming, plays an integral role in not only the aesthetic appearance but also in the overall health of the turf itself.

Cut length, frequency and condition of the equipment all play a factor in determining the optimum grooming strategy for your turf.

Maintaining your turf goes beyond investing in a piece of equipment and sticking an operator on it for the season.  It is a combination of several factors including; turf knowledge, grooming know-how and proper equipment.

Dol has the experience and the equipment to manage the grooming process for you, all at a price you will find more than reasonable.  We also have the capability to manage full grounds maintenance as well, so when you need an all-in-one service provider call Dol Turf Restoration Ltd.

We can also cater to specfic grass cutting needs for your parks department, including cutting around storm water ponds, rough cutting and other specialty requirements your parks department may have.  Check out our specially designed rough cut mower in the pictures below to get at the rough, inclined areas around storm water ponds.

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